Fewer misunderstandings when planning and building

No architecture takes shape without a builder or investor. Architects must therefore also master the art of presenting their designs with enough clarity to leave clients impressed by their visions and ideas. With HEGIAS VR, architects can inspect and discuss planned real estate projects with all stakeholders without anyone having to rely on their imagination: Everyone sees and understands the same thing.

Architecture is usually categorised as art. One of the things that distinguishes architecture from the liberal arts, however, is that it’s always commissioned work and therefore requires the exchange of information. Good communication between builders, architects, specialist planners, and the executing companies is essential for successful and smooth implementation – regardless if in preliminary planning or on the construction site.

From home builder to expert

Most builders are architectural laypersons. Private builders in particular often don’t know how to read an architectural plan; they lack the spatial visualisation and specialist knowledge to understand building specifications in full detail.

In order to communicate with their customer on an equal footing, it’s important for an architect to have a visualization tool that allows even a layperson to get a full spatial understanding of ​​their project. This is the only way to completely avoid misunderstandings and satisfy home builders that the perfect plan is being created for them.

First place! Success in competitions

Different area, but same problem: in open bidding and competitions, the contract will be won by the one who is most convincing. A competition jury usually consists of experts who have more experience than a private home builder. But let’s be honest: How many experts can use a physical model to imagine the casting of shadows at different positions of the sun? Not only that, but nobody can correctly imagine room interiors based on a physical model alone.

Our CEO, Patrik Marty, remembers a significant experience in his home village of Rothenthurm.

“The gym was filled with small miniature models of the schoolhouse extension. So much space, time and money for models that looked cool but didn’t mean much to the jury – in this case the Rothenthurm voters. Not only that, the gym was blocked for several days … »

Patrik Marty, CEO HEGIAS AG


So if you want to win customers and competitions with your art, you have to make sure that your designs are presented impressively with all relevant details. What is needed is a tool that realistically depicts future reality and rules out misunderstandings.

Bring it into virtual reality – anything else remains a fantasy

HEGIAS VR provides the right tool for both requirements. You don’t have to be a neuroscientist to know that people best understand things they have never seen before when they can be personally experienced. Pictures say more than a thousand words, which is why they are often used to illustrate construction plans, but a picture cannot be experienced either. Aside from the fact that images are static projections, an image of a planned building, unlike a photograph of an existing structure, is always just a fiction. This is why there’s only one way to make rooms tangible before they’re built: virtual reality. All other visualization techniques require a high level of imagination on the part of the viewer. When architects present their construction plans in virtual reality using HEGIAS VR, the client can experience a building as it will really be later – unless, of course, the painter decides to use color when working on the interior.

With HEGIAS VR anyone can immerse themselves in rooms, walk through them, experience their dimensions and view them from all perspectives. With the future geo-referenced integration of your 3D plans, architects can simulate the position of the sun and thus the internal and external shadows cast by their models on a day and season specific basis. In addition, information about the surroundings, obtained from GIS data or 360° drone images, allows observers a realistic view from any window or terrace.

With HEGIAS VR, architects now have a tool they can utilise to clearly communicate and explain all relevant information to any builder – regardless of whether they are laypersons or experts – before the groundbreaking ceremony. Everyone sees and understands the same thing. This builds trust, impresses, and leads to more customer satisfaction.

Thinking ahead

With this in mind, from our point of view competitions should take place entirely in VR. In addition to the fact that you won’t clutter a whole gym and the costs are much lower, the experts and jury members can also view submissions in any perspective thanks to HEGIAS VR. You can stand before the new building in VR yourself and experience shadows cast “true to the original”. The jury of experts does not even have to meet physically on site; thanks to HEGIAS’s multiuser mode, they can inspect, discuss and evaluate the models together in VR.

A topic for a Tedx Talk

The affable Gunita Kulikovska also speaks about communication difficulties in architecture in her TEDx Talk. She too wonders: How best to convey her architectural plans? Like the rest of her colleagues, she’s also experienced that her clients request changes shortly before and/or after construction is completed, because they were imagining something different. She calls the problem “lost in translation”. Her antidote: virtual reality! But hear for yourself what the young Archipreneur thinks:

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