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Steiner SA conclut un partenariat stratégique avec HEGIAS

Zurich, le 16 juin 2022 – Steiner SA conclut un partenariat stratégique avec la start-up de technologie numérique HEGIAS et endosse ainsi un rôle ...

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HEGIAS VR - Oculus Quest 2 powered by HEGIAS

HEGIAS VR im Oculus App-Store

HEGIAS VR ist im (Meta) Oculus App-Store und somit für alle Oculus Quest Nutzer weltweit verfügbar. Und es gibt weitere Verbesserungen in der Anwendung von HE ...

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Wie man dank HEGIAS günstiger baut

How to build cheaper thanks to virtual reality

With the rise of the digital revolution, an enormous cost reduction is expected in the construction industry. There is talk of up to 40 percent lower costs with ...

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Arealplanung mit HEGIAS

What will city and area planning look like after Corona?

Although a virus does not destroy buildings and streets, changes can still be expected in cities and areas as a result of the Corona crisis. When spaces change, ...

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Top 100 Award HEGIAS

TOP 100 Swiss Startup – Vote now for HEGIAS

Since 2011, Venturelab has presented the TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award to the most innovative and promising young companies in Switzerland. This year, in Se ...

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Vermarktung von Immobilien mit HEGIAS VR

What Virtual Reality brings to the real estate industry

As Virtual Reality (VR) specialists, we tend to talk about this new technology as if everyone is already intimately familiar with it. We would love this opportu ...

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Vermarktung von Immobilien mit HEGIAS VR

How you can reduce vacancies after construction is completed

If you want to be at the forefront of property marketing in the future, start looking to VR today. With Virtual Reality (VR) you can not only look into the futu ...

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Mit HEGIAS VR die Wohnung virtuell begehen

Fewer misunderstandings when planning and building

No architecture takes shape without a builder or investor. Architects must therefore also master the art of presenting their designs ...

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Patrik Marty CEO und CMO HEGIAS VR

How HEGIAS makes virtual reality accessible to the construction and real estate industries

Virtual Reality (VR) is becoming more and more important within the construction and real estate industries. Often, however, static scenes are still used, in ...

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news hegias ich bin HEGIAS

Hello World – je suis HEGIAS

Vous vous demandez d’où nous venons, où nous allons et qui nous sommes vraiment? Voici quelques réponses. Permettez-moi de vous présenter not ...

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