How to build cheaper thanks to virtual reality

With the rise of the digital revolution, an enormous cost reduction is expected in the construction industry. There is talk of up to 40 percent lower costs within five years. HEGIAS VR also makes building significantly cheaper and more efficient. We explain how:

The construction industry is currently experiencing a digital revolution. Planning is set to become more efficient and better with the help of technological innovations. According to a recent projection by SRF Business News, costs are expected to fall by up to 40 percent within five years as a result of digitalization. The article strongly suggests that there are still a great many mistakes, misunderstandings, and temporary solutions appearing in the construction industry, making lawyers practically part of the basic equipment of every construction project. According to the article, statistics show that we spend three to five billion Swiss francs per year on error corrections in Switzerland alone.

It seems clear today that certain planning and construction methods will soon be history; On the one hand, they are too expensive, and on the other, they squander too many unnecessary resources from an ecological standpoint.

Virtual reality replaces architectural models

Today, for example, it definitely no longer makes sense to create physical models, because today you can experience exactly the same thing with HEGIAS VR before even breaking ground.

The cause of many problems in the construction industry often lies in the limits of human visualisation abilities. Construction personnel, specialist planners, architects, or engineers can usually only fully grasp a project when they are standing in the building and it has already been constructed. If errors are discovered during construction (or afterwards) because they were not visible on paper beforehand, construction stalls, and individual project phases have to be paused or abandoned completely. The basis of good construction planning is therefore a walk-through 3D model that visualises whether the finished project can be implemented realistically: This is where HEGIAS comes into play.

With HEGIAS VR, architects and planners can work hand-in-hand from the very beginning. Since HEGIAS VR can also upload complete Building Information Modeling (BIM) files using IFC, the interactive, walkable 3D model contains both the architecture and the technical plans. With the true-to-life visualisation, everyone, including of course the clients, can see what is planned. In this way, misunderstandings can be prevented at an early stage.

Digitalization is increasingly required

As is often the case, when an entire industry undergoes such an upheaval, the pressure comes from outside. In Switzerland, for example, the federal government wants to increase the use of digital tendering, and it is mandatory that buildings of federal companies such as the SBB be built with BIM. Likewise, BIM is becoming mandatory for public tenders in Germany. But private builders are also increasingly seeing the benefits of digitalization. Especially for a private builder who is building their own home, it is extremely important that the budget is adhered to and that they receive what they hoped for in the end, because usually they only build once.

It is not only the material wasted on inadequate planning or model houses that contribute to cost reduction: Digital solutions also make travel to the site unnecessary. With HEGIAS VR, all stakeholders take part in joint inspections and collaboration meetings in a decentralized manner without having to travel physically. This saves several tons of CO2 per year in Switzerland alone. And time is money, as we all know.

Real promises

With the automated solution from HEGIAS, you can use your existing 3D plans dynamically without additional effort. You are faster, more flexible and also spend up to 100x less than with previous virtual reality applications from agencies. You save five- to six-figure sums by omitting dusty architectural models, static 3D visualisations or even time- and resource-consuming show residences.

If you compare the annual subscription of HEGIAS against these expenditures for development (architectural models, show residences) and marketing (3D visualisations, show apartments) of real estate, you will see it at a glance: In one single project, you save more than the annual subscription of HEGIAS costs for several projects – depending on the subscription level.

With HEGIAS comes the complete package including a generous, ever-growing library of furniture, accessories and materials, reliable hosting, the highest security standards, and new features added on an ongoing basis.

Would you also like to reduce costs, increase quality, promote collaboration and save construction time? We would be happy to show you the advantages of HEGIAS VR in a live demo or get started right away.

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