What Virtual Reality brings to the real estate industry

As Virtual Reality (VR) specialists, we tend to talk about this new technology as if everyone is already intimately familiar with it. We would love this opportunity to tell you more about VR and the great potential we see in it, especially in the real estate industry.

Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional environment that viewers can interact with. VR is an immersive experience, meaning the user is fully present in this virtual world. This usually requires a special headset. By bringing the user into a 3-dimensional environment, the true scale and impact of buildings or products is rendered real.

Incredibly, the birth of virtual reality (VR) actually dates back to the early 1950s. However, since the technology was far from developed, it disappeared from the scene for a long time. Only with the mobile computing power available today, corresponding graphics cards, and 3D image data from cameras and scanners, has it reawakened. Today’s generation of headsets are focused on sophisticated head-tracking and image display technology to ensure high-resolution, smooth graphics.

Contrary to what many assume, VR is used much more often for business than for entertainment. The real estate industry is also slowly waking up to the fact that VR is increasingly being requested for a wide variety of uses in the business. For example, investors and developers increasingly want to experience the planned property in VR first.

Instead of printing out plans, you can walk through them directly

VR is currently being used in the real estate industry, especially for asset and tenant management, but also for customer management. There’s also many great opportunities to use this technology during the entire planning process— in the construction industry and in facility management.

By immersing the user in a virtual 3-dimensional environment, the spatial data of buildings or products is manifested to-scale with the onlooker. Experiencing this true sense of space benefits every step of the industry process.

With VR, a virtual building site needs neither plans nor printed drawings for architectural and technical purposes. Objects can be edited, shrunk, enlarged, manipulated, and observed from all angles directly from the planning office. Through this, virtual reality allows the risk-free testing of prototypes. Naturally, this is significantly more cost-effective and flexible than creating real-world adaptations and constantly updating them.

HEGIAS VR simplifies visual communication in planning and construction: We automatically generate virtual environments based on plans in file formats such as BIM, and with our cloud system you can connect architects, project developers, engineers, and builders into virtual meetings for real-time collaborations directly on the plans themselves.

Instead of explaining plans, you can experience them directly

For estate agents, too, the use of this technology can bring great benefits. The prospective buyer no longer has to visit the property on-site, but can do so at any time and from any location.  The potential tenant or buyer can experience the property realistically; including views from the windows or balcony.

With HEGIAS VR, this is very easy. Since our solution is cloud-based, all the prospective tenant needs is a link. With just one click, they can view what is planned. Of course, this also works without a VR headset via your web browser on the computer. The addition of VR makes this experience of course all the more impressive for the customer, and the chance for closing the deal increases.

What does Virtual Reality or HEGIAS VR bring to the real estate industry?

All in all, the following advantages for HEGIAS VR users break down thusly:

  1. Faster project development

With HEGIAS VR, your projects are remade in VR at the push of a button. Projects can be developed, planned and actualised faster.

  1. Avoiding errors

With HEGIAS VR, you gain the peace of mind that the right thing is being planned, because all decision-makers can see and walk through the result. Misunderstandings and thus many costs and delays are avoided.

  1. Flexibility

You will never be able to adjust colours, materials and sizes with so much flexibility and so quickly in the real world. With HEGIAS VR’s virtual solution allows you to try everything.

  1. Quality improvement & customer interest

Once you experience HEGIAS VR, you will never build, buy, furnish, or sell without VR again. With this solution, you will convince all decision makers.

  1. Higher satisfaction

Even laymen can see and experience what is being planned immersively without any misunderstandings. Wishes are thus communicated much more clearly and tailor-made projects can be created.

  1. Low cost and high sustainability

By efficiently testing options in VR and not requiring anyone to travel for a meeting, you save valuable and expensive resources.

Six reasons that should also convince you to start with HEGIAS VR now. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.


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