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With HEGIAS, you gain an experienced specialist for visualisation and communication with virtual reality. We focus on BIM collaboration, usage simulation and virtual projects and showrooms.

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We take you from conception to distribution and optimisation. Personal customer contact at eye level is guaranteed.

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You benefit from creative and personalized solutions and intuitive handling that support you in achieving your goals.

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HEGIAS VR is independent of soft- and hardware. The solution is available both in VR and on your desktop or tablet.

«Yes, VR technology is not new. But the journey from the availability of the technology to the daily use of VR for construction projects was long. HEGIAS has made this possible with an intuitive solution for VR applications - a real quantum leap!»

Anita Eckardt
Head of Specialties Division and Member of the Executive Board, Implenia


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About us

HEGIAS VR is the world's first automated and browser-based solution for visualisation and communication with virtual reality for BIM collaboration, usage simulation and virtual project and show rooms.

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