Private builders

HegiasIlluInstiBauherr 1View and understand properties

  • Experience your home prior to construction with virtual reality (VR)
  • Talk with experts on an equal footing
  • Compare materials
  • Test the ideal room layout with furniture
  • Customize the kitchen and bathroom

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Haus mit HEGIAS VR gemeinsam besichtigen und besprechen
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Experience your real estate project before it’s built

Pläne begehen und verstehen.pm4

Avoid disappointment

Experience your home before it’s built

Inspect the planned properties together with your architect before the groundbreaking ceremony. You will gain a 1:1 sense of space and can intervene in the planning before it’s too late or gets really expensive.

Fewer misunderstandings

Involve all relevant persons

Inspect and discuss your property together with your partner, family, friends and experts without having to visualize anything. Everyone sees and understands the same things.
Architektur -Varianten einfach erstellen und vergleichen
Schneller und sicherer entscheiden

Fewer sleepless nights and quarrels

Decide more quickly and securely

Examine the different plan versions, view the effect of alternative materials, colors and equipment. You and your partner will be able to decide more quickly and securely – which means fewer sleepless nights and quarrels.

VR - not just for luxury and major projects

Interactive virtual reality for all

With HEGIAS, virtual reality also becomes reality for smaller projects. What was previously reserved for major building complexes and luxury properties is now accessible and affordable for all.
Hohe Kosteneinsparung weniger Platzbedarf HEGIAS v2

No installations

The property is always there and easily shared

You don’t have to install any software and files – all you need is an up-to-date internet browser. Your property is accessible from there whenever and wherever you wish. Share your property with the kitchen manufacturer, bathroom fitter, home planning consultant and all other planning companies. View the impact of their suggestions directly in your virtual home.
Die Immobilie ist immer dabei und einfach geteilt
Die Immobilie ist immer dabei und einfach geteilt

Add furnishings and materials

Experience how it will be - living before building

Try out what is important for you: the height of your cooking island, the distance from the washbasin or the shower. Furnish the rooms before construction in order to gain a real impression.

Fewer surprises...

Test special needs

Is the apartment age-appropriate? Wheelchair-accessible? Are providers of shade for lunch in the garden in the right place? Test it today.
Architektur -Dynamische Licht- und Schattenberechnung mit Aussicht the future, too

Landscaping with a view

Simulate the positions of the sun at all times of the year so you no longer have to wonder where to plant a tree for it to provide shade where you want it in a few years. Examine also the effect of the timber facade when it ages and whether you will still have a view of the lake when the entire complex is completed.

Ask for HEGIAS VR.

Ask for HEGIAS VR whenever you build, purchase or convert a property. Do you need support choosing an architect? Is your architect unwilling to use HEGIAS VR? We would be happy to support you.