Virtual Museums & Galleries

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  • Curate, visit and discuss exhibitions together and remotely
  • Increase reach geographically and through new target groups
  • Enable deep, immersive interactions with artworks and exhibits
  • Virtual shopping experience in the museum shop andgallery
  • Worldwidetourswith expert intelligent avatars with AI support
  • Preservingpastexhibitionsandexhibits

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Virtual exhibitions of the Kirchner Museum Davos

Welcome to the era of virtual galleries and museums in the metaverse.

With the increasing fusion of the physical and digital worlds, arts and cultural institutions are now transcending traditional boundaries to offer audiences around the world a unique, time-independent and enriching experience.

With HEGIAS VR, your museum or gallery is not just a building, but a globally accessible, interactive space that brings art and history to life like never before.

The Kirchner Museum in Davos has opted for an innovative yet sustainable solution, using HEGIAS technology to develop a virtual museum that allows visitors from all over the world to experience art digitally 24/7. Watch it in the video above and let it convince you!

Unleash your creative potential

Curate with precision

With HEGIAS you have complete control over the presentation of your collections. With the possibilities of virtual reality, you can place and position each piece in your exhibition with extreme precision. This allows you to create stunning, realistic virtual presentations that engage your audience.
Woman in VR Museum

Overcome geographical borders

Increase reach

Why limit your audience to local visitors? With your virtual exhibition, your museum or gallery can reach art lovers all over the world. We help you overcome geographical boundaries, open the doors to a truly global audience and increase your visitor numbers many times over.

Immersive artistic experiences

Encourage interactions

With our state-of-the-art VR technology, your visitors can interact with the exhibits in a way that is not possible in a physical environment. They can delve deeper into the artwork and see the fine details, textures and craftsmanship up close, fostering a deeper connection and appreciation for the artwork.

Visit virtual exhibitions of the Kirchner Museum

Would you like to visit a museum in virtual reality and experience this technology for yourself?

Discover past exhibitions of the Kirchner Museum Davos in the Metaverse. You can download the app from the freely accessible Oculus Store by searching “Kirchner Museum Davos”.


Seamlessly integrated shopping experience

Connect your exhibition with the shop

HEGIAS integrates your gift shop or merchandising shop into the virtual environment so that visitors can buy souvenirs or artworks without leaving the virtual exhibition. This seamless integration helps you maximise sales potential and provides a convenient shopping experience for your visitors.

Tailor-made exhibition experiences

Personalize your experience

Every visitor is unique, and so should their experience be. In your virtual exhibition, visitors can customise their museum or gallery journey by viewing the artworks in different lighting conditions or choosing the order of the exhibits they want to see. This level of personalisation enhances the visitor experience and makes each visit truly unique and memorable.

Accessible, informative and engaging

AI-supported guided tours

HEGIAS VR’s AI-controlled tours make your collections accessible to everyone, everywhere. The intelligent bots provide comprehensive information on the individual exhibits, provide visitors with interesting facts and anecdotes and answer questions in real time. These interactive tours bring your collections to life and offer an educational experience that is accessible worldwide.

Virtual archives for future generations

Preserve exhibitions

With HEGIAS VR, your exhibitions can be virtually preserved so that future generations can experience past exhibitions in their original glory. This unique feature provides a valuable resource for research and education and ensures that your exhibitions have a lasting impact far beyond the period of their physical presentation.
Children Using VR in Art Gallery

Faster project development

With HEGIAS your projects are in VR at the touch of a button. Your team then develops prototyping and meets for BIM collaboration meetings in a decentralized manner – all directly and efficiently in VR.

Gain security

With HEGIAS, you get the assurance today that the right thing is being planned, because all decision-makers see and walk away with the result.


You will never be able to adjust colors, materials and sizes so flexibly and quickly in reality. With HEGIAS you get the option to try everything virtually.

Increase quality & convince

Once you have experienced the high-end quality of HEGIAS, you will never build, buy, furnish or sell without VR again. Because with this solution you convince all decision-makers.

Greater satisfaction

Even non-experts see and experience immersively without misunderstanding what is being planned. Wishes are thus communicated much more clearly, which allows tailor-made projects to emerge.

Low costs and high sustainability

By efficiently testing options in VR and not requiring anyone to travel for a meeting, you save valuable and expensive resources.

Find out more. Experience HEGIAS VR live.

Be part of the change from Point of Sale to Point of Experience. With HEGIAS VR, this is child’s play.