Header Architekten hegiasMore efficient planning from every angle

  • Prototyping directly in virtual reality (VR)
  • Inspect and discuss design plans together
  • Experience different perspectives
  • Simulate shadows and views
  • Simplify communication with the building contractor
  • Convince clients more quickly
  • Client acquisition and retention through added value

Header Architekten hegias
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The world of HEGIAS explained in three minutes

Architektur - Prototyping direkt in der VR

The virtual building set

Prototyping directly in VR

What no architecture model and other types of visualization are able to achieve: with HEGIAS VR you experience each angle of the planned property from every desired perspective. With the virtual building set from HEGIAS, prototyping takes place directly in virtual reality.

The real world in VR

Dynamic light and shadow calculation with a view

Thanks to the georeferenced integration of your 3D model, you can simulate the position of the sun and therefore the shadows cast at any time throughout the year. With the integration of the surroundings via GIS data or 360° drone footage, you experience the view 1:1 from every window or terrace.
Architektur -Dynamische Licht- und Schattenberechnung mit Aussicht
Architektur -Varianten einfach erstellen und vergleichen

Faster decision-making

Create and compare options easily

Upload different planning options and bring alternative materials and colors into play in order to achieve the perfect result. Offer your building contractor a predefined selection and involve him in the decision-making process in order to achieve the goal more quickly.

No extra work

Inspect and understand plans

Experience 3D plans intuitively and without prior knowledge directly in virtual reality at the touch of a button regardless of which CAD/3D program (ArchiCAD, Vectorworks, AutoCAD, Revit, Rhino, Cinema4D, etc. or files like IFC, FBX, OBJ, etc.) you use. Moving yourself or objects allows you to view them from all angles.

HEGIAS - file types

Mit IFCs direkt in die VR
Virtual Reality browserbasiert und in der Cloud mit HEGIAS

No installations

Browser-based and in the cloud

HEGIAS is independent of software and hardware. All you need is an internet browser. This way, all your real estate projects are always up to date and available everywhere.

Fewer misunderstandings

Jointly inspect planned properties

Inspect and discuss your real estate projects together with all stakeholders without having to visualize anything. Everyone sees and understands the same things.
Geplante Immobilien gemeinsam begehen
Ladenbau - Varianten einfach erstellen und vergleichen

Add materials and furnishings

Experience how it will be - test work processes

Regardless of whether it’s a residential or commercial property, you can furnish and materialize the rooms in order to gain a real impression and also test work processes and special needs such as wheelchair access.

Use fewer resources

Plan, build and market properties more sustainably

HEGIAS not only renders building prototypes unnecessary, it also cuts down on travel. That’s because all stakeholders can take part in inspections and collaboration meetings virtually without the need to actually go anywhere. As a result, tons of CO2 can be avoided every year in Switzerland alone. And fewer misunderstandings means fewer changes to the finished structure, which further reduces the amount of travel, transport and construction materials required. If you consider the fact that the cement industry produces much more CO2 than air travel, the savings are substantial. And with HEGIAS, you’ll also be prepared in the future in the event of another pandemic like Covid-19 (coronavirus).
Icon nachhaltiger planen, bauen, vermarkten mit HEGIAS

Achieve VR faster, more dynamically and at a lower cost

High added value at lower cost

With the automated solution from HEGIAS, you can make dynamic use of your existing 3D plans* without any additional outlay. This allows you to work faster, more flexibly and up to 100x more economically than with existing virtual reality applications from agencies. Save tens to hundreds of thousands by doing without antiquated architectural models, static 3D visualizations and time- and resource-consuming sample constructions.

*Do you only have 2D plans? No problem, we’ll use these to create a 3D model for you. Just get in touch with us.

Hoher Mehrwert zu tiefen Kosten mit HEGIAS
Mit IFCs direkt in die VR

We understand BIM

Straight into VR with IFCs

Use the entire information from building information modelling (BIM). Load your IFC directly into HEGIAS VR for a virtual, interactive inspection. Share your projects in VR for decentralized collaboration meetings.
HEGIAS - file types

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