Real estate marketing

HegiasIlluVermarkterMore efficient consulting and sales with VR

  • Present options for materials, kitchens etc.
  • Sell and rent faster and more efficiently
  • Accelerate purchase consultation
  • Location-independent and joint walk-throughs
  • Visits regardless of office hours

Haus mit HEGIAS VR gemeinsam besichtigen und besprechen
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Experience your real estate project before it is built

Tiefere Leerstände

Sell the property before it’s built

Walk the planned property together with potential buyers and tenants regardless of location. Inspire your customers with an emotional experience of their future home.
HEGIAS VR Vermarktung Lokstadt-Areal Implenia
Virtual Reality browserbasiert und in der Cloud mit HEGIAS

Minimale Hardware, maximale Unabhängigkeit

The property is always with you and easily shared

Potential buyers and tenants do not need to install any software or files; you only need an up-to-date Internet browser and virtual reality glasses. From there, your property is available from the cloud anytime, anywhere, and can also be easily and quickly embedded or shared on a website.

Weniger Missverständnisse

Understand better through the experience

Walk through and discuss your real estate projects with potential buyers together, regardless of location, without having to imagine a thing. Everyone sees and understands the same thing.
Schneller und sicherer entscheiden
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Straight into VR with the stand-alone app

Experience high-quality graphics with the latest generation of convenient stand-alone VR glasses that don’t require cables, external sensors, and most importantly, expensive additional PCs. The stand-alone app for the Quest 2 and Quest Pro is available (also for MAC users) in the Oculus Store.
Die Immobilie ist immer dabei und einfach geteilt

Schneller in der Entscheidungsfindung

Create and compare options easily

Save different variants with alternative materials and colors, kitchen decor and bathroom fixtures and furnishings depending on the target group. Give buyers pre-defined choices and involve them in the decision-making process to get there faster. This will save you a lot of nerves, time and therefore also money in buyer counselling.

Materialisieren und Möblieren

Experience how itis going to be

Whether it’s a residential or commercial property: Furnish and materialize the rooms to get a real impression and also test special needs such as wheelchair accessibility.
Institutioneller Bauherr - Varianten einfach erstellen und vergleichen

Weniger Ressourcenverschleiss

More sustainable marketing

Potential buyers and tenants view the apartment beforehand at home on any device with an internet browser or for maximum immersion with VR glasses. Viewing appointments take place together but are independent of each other’s location. With HEGIAS VR, model homes and business trips become obsolete, saving several tons of CO2 every year in Switzerland alone.
Icon nachhaltiger planen, bauen, vermarkten mit HEGIAS

Faster project development

With HEGIAS your projects are in VR at the touch of a button. Your team then develops prototyping and meets for BIM collaboration meetings in a decentralized manner – all directly and efficiently in VR.

Gain security

With HEGIAS, you get the assurance today that the right thing is being planned, because all decision-makers see and walk away with the result.


You will never be able to adjust colors, materials and sizes so flexibly and quickly in reality. With HEGIAS you get the option to try everything virtually.

Increase quality & convince

Once you have experienced the high-end quality of HEGIAS, you will never build, buy, furnish or sell without VR again. Because with this solution you convince all decision-makers.

Greater satisfaction

Even non-experts see and experience immersively without misunderstanding what is being planned. Wishes are thus communicated much more clearly, which allows tailor-made projects to emerge.

Low costs and high sustainability

By efficiently testing options in VR and not requiring anyone to travel for a meeting, you save valuable and expensive resources.

Find out more. Experience HEGIAS VR live.

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