Interior design

HegiasIlluDesignerMaterializing and configuring the planned property

  • Try out and adjust materials directly in VR
  • Configuration on desktop or in VR
  • Win over clients more efficiently and quickly
  • Fewer misunderstandings

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Faster decision-making

Create and compare options easily

Create different proposals. Examine the impact of alternative materials, colors, furniture and accessories. Offer your client a predefined selection and involve him in the decision-making process in order to achieve your goal faster.
Institutioneller Bauherr - Varianten einfach erstellen und vergleichen

No installations

The property is always there and easily shared

You and your clients do not have to install any software and files – all you need is an up-to-date internet browser. The project is available from there at all times and locations and can also be easily and quickly shared and visited with your clients.

Fewer misunderstandings

Inspect rooms together

Inspect and discuss your projects together with your clients without having to visualize anything. Everyone sees and understands the same things.
Die Immobilie ist immer dabei und einfach geteilt
Ladenbau - Varianten einfach erstellen und vergleichen

Add materials and furnishings

Experience how it will be - try out work processes

Regardless of whether it’s a residential or commercial property, you can furnish and materialize the rooms in order to gain a real impression and also test work processes and special needs such as wheelchair access.

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