Property developers/investors

HegiasIlluInstiBauherrFor lower vacancy rates

  • Compare different construction plans in virtual reality (VR)
  • Involve authorities, neighbors and associations
  • Present material and kitchen alternatives
  • Sell and let more quickly and efficiently
  • Additional sales argument

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The world of HEGIAS explained in three minutes

Avoid disappointments

Experience your property before it’s built

Inspect the planned properties together with your architect, potential buyers and tenants before the groundbreaking ceremony. You will gain a 1:1 sense of space and can intervene in the planning before it’s too late or gets really expensive.
Institutioneller Bauherr - Erleben Sie Ihre Immobilie

No installations

The property is always there and easily shared

Potential buyers and tenants do not have to install any software and files – all you need is an up-to-date internet browser. Your property is available from there at all times and all locations and can also easily and quickly be integrated into a website.

Fewer misunderstandings

Jointly inspect planned properties

Inspect and discuss your real estate projects jointly with all stakeholders without having to visualize anything. Everyone sees and understands the same things.
Geplante Immobilien gemeinsam begehen
Institutioneller Bauherr - Varianten einfach erstellen und vergleichen

Faster decision-making

Create and compare options easily

Upload different architectural models and examine the impact of alternative materials and colors. Offer your buyer a predefined selection and involve them in the decision-making process in order to reach the goal faster.

Add furnishings and materials

Experience how it will be - test work processes

Regardless of whether it’s a residential or commercial property, you can furnish the rooms to gain a real impression and also try out work processes.
Ladenbau - Varianten einfach erstellen und vergleichen

Use fewer resources

Plan, build and market more sustainably

HEGIAS not only renders building prototypes unnecessary, it also cuts down on travel. That’s because all stakeholders can take part in inspections and collaboration meetings virtually without the need to actually go anywhere. As a result, tons of CO2 can be avoided every year in Switzerland alone. And fewer misunderstandings means fewer changes to the finished structure, which further reduces the amount of travel, transport and construction materials required. If you consider the fact that the cement industry produces much more CO2 than air travel, the savings are substantial. And with HEGIAS, you’ll also be prepared in the future in the event of another pandemic like Covid-19 (coronavirus).

Achieve VR faster, more dynamically and at a lower cost

High added value at lower cost

With the automated solution from HEGIAS, you’ll not only achieve VR faster, but also up to 100x less expensive than with current agency solutions. Use your existing data for HEGIAS and do without expensive static models, beauty renderings and even sample constructions.
Mit IFCs direkt in die VR

We understand BIM

Straight into VR with IFCs

Use the entire information from BIM. Load your IFCs directly into HEGIAS for virtual and interactive materialization, inspection and collaboration meetings. You decide what you want to see – the prototypes, the shell construction, the building technology or the completed property – by displaying and hiding the layers of the individual construction models.

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