Urban/site development

hegias header stadtplanerDevelop more efficiently from every angle

  • GIS data in VR instead of static plaster models
  • Promote competitions more quickly and efficiently
  • Prototyping directly in virtual reality (VR)
  • Experience different perspectives
  • Simulate shadows and views

hegias header stadtplaner
Farben auswählen in HEGIAS VR
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The world of HEGIAS explained in three minutes

The entire city in 3D

Web services with existing city models

With geodata you can put your city or the desired site into VR directly via web services.
Webservices mit vorhandenen Stadtmodellen HEGIAS 1
Demokratisierung oeffentlichen Bauprojekten HEGIAS

Forming opinions in VR

Democratization of public sector construction projects

Interested parties and decision-makers experience all competition entries decentrally via a link with or without VR spectacles so that everyone sees the same thing. This makes the political decision-making process simpler and quicker and it is no longer necessary to stuff entire sports halls and multi-purpose rooms with competition models.

The virtual building set

Site development from a 360° perspective

With VR you experience each angle of the city from the desired perspective. With the HEGIAS virtual building set you bring out the main points for the further development of your city.
Stadtentwicklung aus einer 360°-Perspektive
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Competition in the cloud

High cost savings, lower space requirement

Make the 3D model available to all participating architecture practices with HEGIAS. A pair of VR spectacles suffices to compare and discuss the different entries directly and experience identical perspectives and shadows.

Fewer misunderstandings

Jointly inspect planned properties

Planned real estate projects can be jointly inspected and discussed. The data from the cloud ensures that all stakeholder groups see the same thing. Changes are synchronized promptly.
Geplante Immobilien gemeinsam begehen

Use fewer resources

Plan, build and market properties more sustainably

HEGIAS not only renders building prototypes unnecessary, it also cuts down on travel. That’s because all stakeholders can take part in inspections and collaboration meetings virtually without the need to actually go anywhere. As a result, tons of CO2 can be avoided every year in Switzerland alone. And fewer misunderstandings means fewer changes to the finished structure, which further reduces the amount of travel, transport and construction materials required. If you consider the fact that the cement industry produces much more CO2 than air travel, the savings are substantial. And with HEGIAS, you’ll also be prepared in the future in the event of another pandemic like Covid-19 (coronavirus).

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