Virtual showrooms

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  • Virtual product configuration and 3D experience
  • Extended photorealistic offerings
  • Independent of location and opening hours
  • Greater customer proximity
  • Cost savings thanks to less space, inventory, staff and maintenance
  • Higher emotional shopping experience
  • Fewer misunderstandings

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Your unlimited virtual showroom - powered by HEGIAS

What are virtual showrooms?

You can think of virtual showrooms as digital worlds of experience. Unlike traditional showrooms, virtual showrooms are visited from anywhere in the world. In addition, physical showrooms are expensive, static, require maintenance and only display a limited range of products. Photo-realistic virtual showrooms powered by HEGIAS are more cost-efficient and increase customer satisfaction thanks to 24/7 access and individual configuration options. You can visit the showroom on a computer, tablet or smartphone as well as with VR goggles (in the Metaverse). Virtual showrooms allow you to experience your products, apartments and spaces where they are used in the real world.

Be part of the change from point of sale to point of experience. With HEGIAS, this is child’s play.

Our customers report

Grenzenloses Einkaufserlebnis

Extended offer

A digital showroom is independent of location, product range size and opening hours. Unlike physical shops, which are equipped with limited space, you now have the chance to impress with the variety and different expressions of your offer 24/7. Let your customers virtually configure your products in their web browser and experience them in 3D.

Effizienter verkaufen

Greater customer proximity

With virtual showrooms, you reach more potential customers and can consult them in a more targeted way thanks to analytics. Your sales staff can consist of both humans and intelligent bots (OpenAI ChatGPT). All updates to the shopping cart of your visitors are displayed live. With this knowledge, you can sell in a more targeted and thus more efficient way.

Sehen wie es sein wird

Photorealistic personalization in web or VR

Long dialogues and convincing people whether the sofa in this colour and size actually fits into their own living room are history. With the product configurator from HEGIAS, the customer can see for himself the matching size ratios right away and experience them in 3D on your website or immersively in virtual reality. Both versions guarantee a photo-realistic experience thanks to our in-house developed technology. This allows the sales consultant to concentrate on the essentials during the conversation and also to seize opportunities for cross-selling or upselling more quickly.

Grenzenlose Ausstellungsräume

Significantly lower costs

With virtual showrooms, you save a large part of the exhibition space in the real world and thus also its maintenance, cleaning and personnel. The entire exhibition inventory, including seasonal updates and decorations, becomes obsolete.

Grenzenlose Interaktion

Interactive experience

Customers can view your products, apartments or spaces in the configurator from different angles, zoom in and out, rotate and change colours and materials. These interactive features provide customers with a better understanding of the product, more design freedom and help them make decisions.
Institutioneller Bauherr - Varianten einfach erstellen und vergleichen
Die Immobilie ist immer dabei und einfach geteilt

Höhere Sicherheit beim Kaufentscheid

Fewer misunderstandings

Virtual showrooms can help to avoid misjudgements and incorrect fits, thus reducing returns and adjustment work. This way you care for the environment and avoid unnecessary disappointments and discussions.

Faster project development

With HEGIAS your projects are in VR at the touch of a button. Your team then develops prototyping and meets for BIM collaboration meetings in a decentralized manner – all directly and efficiently in VR.

Gain security

With HEGIAS, you get the assurance today that the right thing is being planned, because all decision-makers see and walk away with the result.


You will never be able to adjust colors, materials and sizes so flexibly and quickly in reality. With HEGIAS you get the option to try everything virtually.

Increase quality & convince

Once you have experienced the high-end quality of HEGIAS, you will never build, buy, furnish or sell without VR again. Because with this solution you convince all decision-makers.

Greater satisfaction

Even non-experts see and experience immersively without misunderstanding what is being planned. Wishes are thus communicated much more clearly, which allows tailor-made projects to emerge.

Low costs and high sustainability

By efficiently testing options in VR and not requiring anyone to travel for a meeting, you save valuable and expensive resources.

Find out more. Experience HEGIAS VR live.

Be part of the change from Point of Sale to Point of Experience. With HEGIAS VR, this is child’s play.