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The real estate industry is constantly on the move, and advancing digitalization is opening up innovative ways to present and sell properties. One of these groundbreaking developments is HEGIAS’ apartment configurator, which heralds a new era in real estate presentation. But how does it compare to the traditional, physical visit? And what are the advantages of the HEGIAS’ apartment configurator for real estate sellers, companies and agents?

What is an apartment configurator?

The apartment configurator allows potential buyers to experience a property digitally and design it according to their wishes without being physically present. Customers can customize various aspects of the home, such as materials, colors, and furniture, to their liking, creating a true “feel” for the residential property even before it is built.

Try our demo configurator to get the feel of how your customers, prospects and buyers will interact with it.

Your apartment configurator is a win-win for you and your customers

With the online apartment configurator, apartments can already be marketed during the planning phase. Their customers customize the apartments to their needs and get a picture of their future home with photo-realistic visualizations. Thanks to real-time price calculations, they receive a binding price quote, which simplifies the financing process.

These are the advantages for your customers and you at a glance:

  1. Time and cost savings: Prospective buyers can view and configure the property at any time and from anywhere, which not only saves travel time and costs, but also makes printing marketing materials obsolete.
  2. Increased efficiency for marketers: The configurator effectively filters between mere “shoppers” and serious buyers by allowing the former group to explore autonomously, and marketers to focus on specific inquiries.
  3. Project presale: Properties that have not yet been built can already be marketed and even sold, allowing for early liquidity and financial security during the construction phase.
  4. Individualization: Customers can design the apartment according to their wishes, change colors and add furniture.
  5. Faster decision making: The intensive experience enables customers to identify more quickly with the residential property and make a decision.

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The apartment configurator contributes to sustainability

The apartment configurator also contributes to a more sustainable real estate industry by reducing physical visits and associated travel, as well as the printing of marketing materials. Everything is digital and always up to date. This not only saves resources but also minimizes the carbon footprint of both marketers and potential buyers.

HEGIAS - Your partner for digital real estate presentation

HEGIAS clearly stands out from other providers by offering a stand-alone and independent solution that works like a content management system (CMS) that you can operate yourself. Upload your 3D data and make changes yourself with a palette of materials, colors and furniture. The result? A significant cost advantage for you. Your customer doesn’t need any special equipment or technology, they can view your offer anywhere and anytime comfortably on their desktop and try out different configurations.

But the benefits don’t end there. Our visualization technology is not only impressive, but also extremely flexible. When there are changes in the product portfolio, such as the discontinuation of a particular floor, you don’t have to revise dozens of renderings. With HEGIAS, you simply replace the old element with the new one – in just one step. Fast, cost-effective and without the need for external agencies.

For those seeking an even more immersive experience, our expertise in VR technology offers the opportunity to showcase and explore future real estate projects in an even more immersive way. Let your customers immerse themselves in their dream home.

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The future of property tours undoubtedly lies in the combination of physical and virtual tours. While physical tours will always have their place, virtual tours with HEGIAS offer invaluable added value for real estate sellers, companies and agents.

Let us show you HEGIAS in a live demo and experience how to bring your objects to market much earlier.

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