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The world’s first automated and browser-based content management system (CMS) solution for visualizing and communicating with virtual reality (VR) for the construction and real industry industry.

A successful and growing startup founded by pioneering VR agency Responsive AG in Zurich in 2017.

hegias header aboutus

HegiasHeadsetIconWhite Vision

Virtual reality is the mass medium.

HegiasDemocracyIconWhite Mission

We’re democratizing virtual reality.
With HEGIAS VR, builders and buyers can enter a building, look at various materials, furnish it using the drag-and-drop functionality and buy and build based on a dream that they’ve seen and touched – even though it doesn’t even exist yet.

Our values



We have fun with what we do. We have a good conscience about what we’ve done. This is because we consistently make fair and impartial decisions on the basis of the best knowledge and experience. We are fair with all stakeholders and the environment as a whole. We are sustainable because our business model allows us to be and it reduces the environmental footprint for all stakeholders.


HEGIAS is authentic because we’re able to discuss any topic that is important to us openly and candidly. Our information policy is direct and transparent. We are impartial and honest with everyone. We treat everyone with respect, no matter where they’re from, the color of their skin, their gender, age or position.

Swiss sensibilities and an open mind

We have a structured way of thinking and carry out our work precisely and with a love of detail. Yet we remain flexible and allow for creative freedom. We’re a community, one that acts in a goal-oriented manner, but we’re always open to new ideas as well.

The HEGIAS management team

Patrik Marty - CEO

Patrik Marty

CEO/CMO - Founder
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Tuan Nguyen

CTO/AD - Founder
Andreas Schmeil - CPO

Andreas Schmeil, PhD

CPO/Head Development - Founder
André Bujara - CSO

André Bujara


The HEGIAS Board of Directors

Patrik Marty - CEO

Patrik Marty

Chairman of the Board of Directors - Founder
Tuan Nguyen - CTO

Tuan Nguyen

Member of the Board of Directors - Founder
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Thomas Fecker Boxler – t10r kapital

Member of the Board of Directors
placeholder portrait

M.Sc. MBA Cdir Reinhard Stary

Member of the Board of Directors
placeholder portrait

Dr. oec. et lic. iur. Urs Rechsteiner

Member of the Board of Directors

The HEGIAS sales team

André Bujara - CSO

André Bujara


Nadja Dushkova

Head of Distribution, Southern Germany
Véronique Gasc Vertriebsleiterin Schweiz der HEGIAS AG

Véronique Gasc

Head of Distribution, Switzerland
Florian Schröder HEGIAS Vertrieb Deutschland

Florian Schröder

Head of Distribution, Northern Germany

The HEGIAS support team

Joel Winteler HEGIAS Support

Joel Winteler


The HEGIAS customized service team

Yen Rizzo Support

Yen Rizzo

Customized service
Mevion Famos

Mevion Famos

Customized service

The HEGIAS team

We have a colorful mix of experienced, motivated and young employees, all of whom adhere to the HEGIAS values and goals.

The HEGIAS headquarters are located in the little big city of Zurich, while its developer team is in Lugano, in Switzerland’s sunny canton of Ticino.

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HEGIAS VR for the marketing of real estate

Everything is possible with virtual reality

Building imagination

HEGIAS is a world-class platform that allows everyone to create their own virtual world and use it to make their own ideas come to life.

No matter whether you’re a private or institutional builder, a designer, a construction company, a furnisher or a marketer, with us you get a tool that allows you to experience the world of tomorrow today.

We are continuously working on new functionalities and tools to make your ideas possible. Try HEGIAS VR today and book a live demo.

Great name! What does it mean?


Hegias or Hegesias was a famous sculptor in ancient Greece. His style has been described as being stiff and rough, but with sharp outlines. HEGIAS is still sharp, but also flexible, open to change and extremely innovative.

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