Hello World – I’m HEGIAS

Do you want to know where we’re from, where we’re going and who we are? You’ll find the answers here.

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re HEGIAS. This is a Greek name that you can pronounce any way you want – you choose!

With us, you don’t need to be able to read hieroglyphs or understand programming languages because we want to make things as easy as possible.

That’s why using our content management system (CMS), the first one in the world for virtual reality, is super easy. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’re able to find your way around the HEGIAS world of virtual reality and how incredibly easy you’ll be able to change your own properties or present others.

With HEGIAS, you’re only a touch of the button from virtual reality and thus the future. Even though we were founded in 2017, welcome to the future!

HEGIAS Virtual Reality at the touch of a button

From ancient Greece to modern Switzerland

Hegias or Hegesias was a famous sculptor from Athens who was a member of the so-called “Severe” style. His style has been described as being rigid and rough, but with sharp outlines. If we had to use three hashtags to describe the modern HEGIAS, they would be #fair #authentic #swiss. That’s how we define our values as well. Hegias was also the teacher of Phidias, who built the 12-meter tall Statue of Zeus in Olympia that was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Antique World.

Our claim is anything but rigid as well. Have you also stumbled over an ambiguity? Building imagination – a play on words that can be interpreted in two ways.

Our 3D logo makes perfect sense as well. It shows the three sides of a cube representing our three pillars and main functions: automated, browser-based in the cloud, and an editor in VR or on a desktop.

But if we had to find an image that described us in a livelier way, then we’d show it to you here in this post.

The Greeks in full action: plan, design, change, show from every angle. Exactly what we want to do as well. As unique as the HEGIAS solution is, so, too, are the images created by our in-house illustrators just as unique.nen Illustratorin kreierten Bilder.

Discover HEGIAS

As you can see, we work with a great love of detail. That’s why you’ll find a countless number of objects and materials in the HEGIAS library that you can use to arrange everything possible.

Thus, you can intuitively and without any prior knowledge load your planned construction project in 3D via the touch of a button and set it up any way you want with the simple drag-and-drop function. This allows you to view and experience your plans from every angle. It’s guaranteed to wow.

We’re especially proud that our IT specialists in Lugano have managed to make HEGIAS work without any software or hardware. All you need is an internet browser. With a browser, you’ll be able to keep all of your real estate projects up to do and available everywhere.

That’s why the team at the HEGIAS headquarters in Zurich has almost no excuse anymore to travel to beautiful Ticino. While that’s a shame, our employees are generally happy to be able to make business trips – like prototype buildings and set-ups – obsolete with HEGIAS. Doing so conserves valuable resources.

With HEGIAS, all stakeholder groups can take part in inspections and collaboration meetings in a decentralized manner, allowing everyone to see the same thing without having to imagine it.

And so you don’t have to imagine it anymore, you can contact us or book a live demo. HEGIAS 1.0 is live!

We look forward to hearing from you.


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