Launch of HEGIAS 1.0 – your benefits

Thanks to our proprietary technology, we were able to continue working even during the lockdown and launch HEGIAS 1.0. For virtual reality (VR) not only offers a glimpse into the future but also forges links in a period of social distancing. HEGIAS supports you precisely at times like this when you are having to save resources, traveling is restricted and insecure clients are hesitating with decisions.

Only around a month before the major national lockdown, the entire HEGIAS team convened for its big final sprint meeting. Although we were afterwards no longer allowed to stand so close to each other as we did on the terrace of our head office above the roofs of Zurich (see cover photo), we managed to launch HEGIAS 1.0 from our home offices. Thanks to our proprietary technology, we were able to continue working even during the lockdown and convene virtually.

This crisis has convinced us even more that our solution meets the current requirements in the construction and real estate industry.

Save time and resources

With HEGIAS 1.0, your real estate and furnishing projects are in virtual reality (VR) at the touch of a button, thereby enabling you to inspect and experience them in a breathtakingly authentic manner. With HEGIAS you have the option of developing prototypes directly in the HEGIAS content management system (CMS). Up-to-date 3D formats including IFCs (BIM) from the most popular CADs can be imported, shared by link in every development and construction phase and jointly inspected. Users can alter materials and interior furnishings in real time during the inspection with or without VR spectacles.

HEGIAS makes social distancing easier

Project participants can convene decentrally for BIM collaboration meetings in planned construction projects quickly, conveniently and completely location-independently. Because you are able to test planning options efficiently in the virtual domain and nobody needs to travel to meetings, you save valuable and expensive resources – and the climate will also be grateful to you. HEGIAS enables several thousand tons of CO2 to be saved each year in Switzerland alone.

Convince with certainty

With HEGIAS, a planner or seller can present their project integrated in the real environment at a scale of 1:1 or 1:10. Clients see and experience what is planned in the virtual domain and can see for themselves that their individual needs are correctly understood and implemented in a customized manner. Misunderstandings are a thing of the past. This creates trust and confidence on the part of both client and contractor and leads to enhanced client satisfaction in the long term.

It’s a good time to try out and make use of innovations. HEGIAS does not require any software installations and can be used straight away.

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