Polycam & HEGIAS VR – Usage demonstration and VR-Experience

In search of simple and practical solutions for scanning rooms for further editing and collaboration as well as usage simulation in virtual reality (VR), we came across Polycam. We tested it and were impressed with the added value it provides. In this blog article, we introduce the app to you, and our CTO, Tuan Nguyen, demonstrates how to use Polycam for room furnishing and live collaboration in HEGIAS VR.

Polycam is a powerful mobile app that allows users to easily create 3D models of real objects and spaces using their smartphone camera. The app is suitable for a variety of users, including real estate consultants, architects, interior designers, real estate agents, commercial entrepreneurs, and DIY enthusiasts. With its simple user interface and powerful features, Polycam has quickly become a popular tool for creating 3D models of rooms, buildings, furniture, art, etc.

How does Polycam work?

Essentially, the app uses advanced computer vision algorithms to analyze images captured by the smartphone camera and reconstruct a 3D model of the scene. This involves taking many photos from different angles and using the data from the photos to create a detailed 3D model. Users can also edit and refine the 3D model using a range of tools and functions within the app.

One of the main advantages of Polycam is its user-friendliness. The app has been designed to allow users to quickly and easily create 3D models. In addition, the app supports a variety of devices, including iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

In this video, our CTO Tuan Nguyen shows you how easy it is to scan a room with Polycam, import it into HEGIAS VR, and furnish it with your colleagues within just a few minutes.


In summary, once you have captured a 3D model with Polycam, you can import it into our HEGIAS VR solution for an immersive and interactive tour, which is a very simple process. First, export the model from Polycam as an OBJ or FBX file and then import it into HEGIAS VR.

You can use HEGIAS VR to perform collaborative usage simulations in a virtual environment with other users, such as setting up factories, offices, labs, hospitals, or workshops. Together, you can test workflows and processes before the renovation or new installation actually begins. Additionally, as an individual, you can also preview your new furniture, artwork, bathroom, or kitchen in the virtual twin of your home or apartment before making a purchase decision.

Contact us for a free live demo if you want to find out how our solution can support your business or project.

Overall, Polycam is a powerful tool for creating 3D models of real spaces and is particularly well-suited for visualizing room architecture and furnishings in virtual reality. By combining Polycam with HEGIAS VR, you can create immersive and engaging virtual reality experiences that will impress your clients and colleagues. Whether you are an individual, architect, interior designer, real estate expert, or dealer, Polycam and HEGIAS VR are two tools that allow you to virtually redesign, materialize, and test existing spaces within minutes.

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