How you can reduce vacancies after construction is completed

If you want to be at the forefront of property marketing in the future, start looking to VR today. With Virtual Reality (VR) you can not only look into the future, but also direct the focus of customers during a property inspection. We explain how VR, and of course HEGIAS VR in particular, takes property sales and letting of new buildings to the next level and thus also a lot of money can be saved.

Until now, the search for buyers as well as the whole initial letting process for rental properties has been quite challenging. When selling or renting a new building, there were three options:

  1. potential buyers and tenants viewed the property “off plan”, looking mainly at the floor plan and often at very expensive, static 3D renderings
  2. a show flat was built at an early stage at great expense
  3. they waited with the viewing until everything had been completely finished

The disadvantages are obvious: With the first solution, most people can’t imagine anything, because the sense of space is completely missing. With the second solution, enormous costs are incurred and, just as with the third solution, all the material and colour choices have already been made – not to mention the fact that the flats are still empty when construction is completed.

Virtual Reality (VR) makes selling and renting easy

Many customers are disappointed when viewing the building shell, as they cannot imagine the finished residential property and it also appears smaller than in its final state. A resulting uneasy gut feeling can have a negative influence on the decision.

VR, on the other hand, makes it easier for the buyer or tenant to settle on their choice, as they can virtually walk through the property before it is built and develop a feeling for the flat or house.

Let’s assume that several identical or similar properties are being sold or rented. Since VR solutions are scalable as desired, in this case you can offer significant added value to several buyers and tenants at once. In HEGIAS VR you can change colours as well as materials at the touch of a button, and for a sense of homeliness, a planner can even furnish the residential properties to suit the respective customer. With these design options, you can adapt to each person individually and present different variations.

VR saves time for marketing

The VR solution also saves time, as visits to the building shell or show flat can be reduced. Instead of both parties travelling to the site for the viewing, both can comfortably don VR headsets at home. VR works anywhere with internet; be it in your office, showroom or at the customer’s home. This gives you more time to concentrate on the essentials, namely marketing.

Another advantage of a virtual preview is that you can better direct the customer’s attention. People are much less distracted in VR and can absorb information better.

With HEGIAS VR you are free

Now the question is: How does HEGIAS stand out from other providers? Currently you can find a few VR agencies on the market that create VR visualisations for a lot of money. You hand over the reigns and have to wait for the agency to make any changes.

With HEGIAS VR you can do everything yourself and pay less. In contrast with other VR providers or agencies, we make you independent. HEGIAS VR works like a Content Management System (CMS) that you operate yourself. You can upload your 3D files to the system and then make changes yourself with a range of materials, colours and furniture.

Of course, you can also customise your presentation of the property. With the multi-user function you can invite several people at once and tour the new building together. Viewing can also be done without a personal tour by simply providing the customers with a link; then they can look around on their own.

By the way, if you don’t have a VR headset, you may miss out on the immersion in the virtual world, but you can still view what you have planned on your desktop computer and compare any prototypes.

HEGIAS VR conveys the “feeling” of the residential property

With a VR headset, customers can move around in a future flat or house, see shadows, test colours, materials, and furniture, view the flat from a bird’s eye view in miniature, and interact with the flat.

Little “gimmicks” such as playing with furniture always have a very positive effect on users. It is precisely these small details that contribute to the customer already being able to identify with the residential property and that make them decide in favour of it.

We are convinced that HEGIAS VR fulfils a real customer need and offers significant added value for all parties involved. You will be too.

Let us show you HEGIAS at a live demo and bring your properties to the market much sooner.


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