Pico 4 Enterprise – unpacking, test and review by HEGIAS

If you are following the development of the VR hardware, you know that Pico is no newcomer to VR. Its first headset was launched in 2016.

For HEGIAS the hardware is crucial. Without powerful hardware, it’s impossible to create compelling VR experiences. VR requires high-resolution displays, high-refresh-rate screens, and powerful processors to run smoothly. Additionally, the headset needs to be comfortable and easy to use so that users can wear it for extended periods of time without experiencing discomfort. That’s why we at HEGIAS always keep a close eye on different headset manufacturers and stay updated on the technological development.

After successfully unboxing Meta’s (Oculus) Quest Pro, we decided to test the Pico 4 Enterprise as well. As there have been many discussions, if the headset is ready to challenge Meta’s Quest Pro, we compared both Quest Pro and Quest 2 with Pico 4 Enterprise and made some interesting conclusions We also compared Pico 4 Enterprise with Pico 4 and provided our usage thoughts and recommendations. Curious? Check-out the detailed review by HEGIAS’ Co-Founder and CTO Tuan Nguyen now!

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The Pico 4 Enterprise Headset

The Pico 4 Enterprise headset is one of the latest VR headsets to hit the market. It’s designed for business and enterprise use, meaning that it’s intended to be used in professional settings rather than for gaming or entertainment. The headset is built with a 4K display and runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 platform. This means that it’s capable of running VR experiences smoothly and with minimal lag. It also supports VR Streaming from a PC so it is possible to show high-quality content.

One of the standout features of the Pico 4 Enterprise headset is its design. It’s lightweight and comfortable to wear, which is important for extended use. It also has a color pass-through display, which makes it easy for users to switch between VR and the real world without having to take the headset off. This is particularly useful in professional settings where users may need to interact with colleagues or clients while using the headset.

Another important feature of the Pico 4 Enterprise headset is its compatibility with a wide range of VR software. It runs on the Pico Store platform, which has a growing library of VR content. Additionally, it’s compatible with SteamVR, which means that users can access a vast library of VR games and experiences.

Pico 4 Enterprise also supports our app HEGIAS VR. Try it out now!

The HEGIAS VR app allows users to create, design and transform their own VR environments, as well as share them with others. With the combination of Pico 4 Enterprise and HEGIAS VR, users get a great VR experience for business purposes. In the video we walk you through our app using the headset.


Overall, the Pico 4 Enterprise headset is an impressive piece of hardware that’s well-suited for VR development. Its powerful hardware, comfortable design, wide range of compatibility an top price-performance ratio make it an excellent choice for businesses and enterprise users looking to create compelling VR experiences. Whether you’re a VR developer or a business looking to incorporate VR into your operations, the Pico 4 Enterprise headset is worth considering.

If you are interested in testing different headsets and / or discussing the possibilities for adopting VR to your business activities, book a free demo in our office in Zürich or at your place!

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