HEGIAS in the PropTech Guide: Visualization and Metaverse for Real Estate

The Professional Association of Real Estate and Asset Trustees in Austria launched the second edition of the PropTech Guide, where HEGIAS was featured in the Spotlight section. The focus is on the topic of visualization as a fixed point in modern real estate sales and the corresponding support from the PropTech world.

The demand proves the development of Web3 and Metaverse in the industry to be right: New construction projects can no longer be managed without this technology, but also in the existing sector nothing is possible without visual representation.

No real estate sales without visualization

The reason why visualizations are a hit in real estate sales is in the nature of things, because we perceive most of the information – namely 83% – through our eyes, whereas only 11% of the information is perceived with our ears.

The classics for existing buildings are still the real methods on-site or traditional tools such as photos, videos, 360° tours, drone footage as well as traditional 2D plans. The situation is different for renovations and reconstructions – nowadays, people like to work with “augmented tools” for renovation projects. “Augmented” means “extended” and implies that additional virtual information is inserted into the real object on site.

However, it also works 100% virtually – these are exclusively virtual tools and there is no need to have access to an existing object. Today’s state-of-the-art technology enables completely new ways of presenting a property in order to make residential projects come alive through realistic visualizations, especially in the case of new buildings, even before the start of construction. The same applies to core renovations as well as existing properties. The guide explains the individual options and tools for virtual visualization in detail. HEGIAS VR is also presented in a job-specific manner.

Digitalization in the real estate industry

With the help of these new technologies, you have the opportunity to show your customers the premises in need of renovation already freshly renovated. Homes can now be furnished virtually, supporting the imagination of buyers. Purchase motivation boost is guaranteed!

The use of high-tech in real estate sales puts the focus on people, who can use completely new tools in their search for the property of their dreams.

Learn about the latest trends and the new reality in real estate in the guide and bring your property to life. Enjoy reading!

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